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03/04/17 08:08 AM #13    


Kim Solez

Let me propose a contest, poets vs. physicians/scientists. Most poets would like to jump immediately to the start of the poem in this video at 11 minutes 32 seconds and physicians/scientists might be interested in the video from the beginning. Using YouTube analytics we will be able to tell eventually how many people started at the beginning and how many started at the poem. But then there will be defections, some poets will then want to watch the whole video. Some physicians/scientists may be interested in going back again and again to the poem. It is a good measure of the power of poetry versus the power of didactic presentation. Let the contest begin!

Here is a direct link to the poem "Bioengineered Kidneys' Imperfections Turning Black are Like Hyper-acute Rejections of Fifty Years Back!" as part of this lecture Here is the general link to the video from the beginning: "Regenerative Medicine Part II: When Will the Current “Wild West” Period End and What Should We Do In The Meantime?"

Bioengineered Kidneys' Imperfections Turning Black are Like Hyper-acute Rejections of Fifty Years Back!

Bioengineered kidneys' imperfections
Turning black
Are like hyper-acute rejections
Of fifty years back!

Like hyper-acute?
That's hyper-astute.
Bioengineered kidneys
Give history a reboot.

In 1968 the New England Journal
Had this gleaming knowledge kernal
About kidneys that functioned briefly amazingly
And then swelled with inflammation and clotted like crazy!

The problem was ultimately solved
And so completely resolved
That now rejections hyper-acute are still in the classification but never occurring,
Just as will happen with some of the today's spectacular bioengineering erring.

We will classify these stunning morphologies
But with time there will be tautologies
About why they never occur any more
And why the present mild lesions are such a bore.

So be happy you are living in "interesting times" morphologically
With big problems you will help to solve,
By constructing matrices so perfect methodologically
That all bioengineering problems are resolved.

And later you, and the organs, will live happily ever after,
Telling stories of the present period with peals of laughter!

03/05/17 07:23 AM #14    

Liz Ryan (Cole)

I was pleasantly surprised to have this pop up this morning on the OCandC Class of 1968 webpage, but I am also confused. It appears to be part of a longer thread?  Where did it come from ?  Are there others?  thanks in advance for any explanations.  liz

03/05/17 10:12 AM #15    


Kim Solez

Hi Liz,

This is the only thread in the forum, but many of the individual classmate profiles have considerably longer threads attached to their individual profiles. Click on any of the names with a camera icon for examples. Also many of the In Memory threads for departed classmates are very interesting and informative.






05/28/17 01:48 PM #16    

Eve Roshevsky

I've left the BIG Apple after 40 years, retired from publishing
(doubleday,et al.)and now writing reflections on rural, small-town and exurban life

05/28/17 01:53 PM #17    

Eve Roshevsky

from New Hartford, NY. Is anyone in central NYState driving to the REUNION? id like to share expebses

05/28/17 01:55 PM #18    

Eve Roshevsky

that is, expenses, and would aporeciate a responseto THANKS!

06/27/17 03:12 AM #19    

Gideon Schein

Honors richly deserved!

06/28/17 05:24 AM #20    

Peter Griswold

That is so great to hear that there is still (or at least until June 30), one faculty member still at OC who was there when we were there - Professor Kasper.  I never had a class with him, but remember him.  I'm imporesed with longevitiy and connections with the past. 

06/28/17 07:53 AM #21    


Edward McKelvey

Until June 30 officially, but they've given him an extra semester of access to his office to clean it out, and from all appearances he'll need every second.  If you're looking for complete collections of academic journals in economics, he's your guy. 

01/31/18 05:52 PM #22    

Shirley Wilson (Gilpin)

Glad to be here.  Is this the chat room?  Shirley Wilson Gilpin 

01/31/18 07:46 PM #23    

Shirley Smith (Kirsten)

Have no idea. Looks like commenting is not the habit, form and practice. I will refrain from "connecting" with my May Cottage peers.. Shirley Smith.. Piano

02/01/18 02:28 PM #24    


Paul Safyan

Shirley Gilpin and Shirley Smith:


This forum area is one place to chat. 

The larger area is under "What's New?""



02/26/18 03:45 PM #25    


Edward McKelvey

This is not a response to anythting but instead a question.  How is it that the home page shows 122 coming to the reunion out of 135 answering the survey when the list of attendees shows 138 coming?  16 phantoms?

02/26/18 08:40 PM #26    


Paul Safyan

Ed:  You economists are so quantitative!

I can't answer definitively because I have not looked at the "count" at all.  I've just been adding the respondents to the list.

I have a list of those who have answered that they are not coming.  I have only recorded 13 such people.

My guess is that the discrepancy is from the fact that some people either were not able to answer the survey and told me that they were coming, or that I knew that they were coming, somehow, and I added their names.

Should this not provide a satisfactory answer, I hope that you will research this thoroughly and report back. :-).  Thanks.








Have you counted 138 in the table on the home page?  

02/27/18 08:48 AM #27    


Edward McKelvey

Ok, so the list doesn’t come directly from the survey.  Good enough for me. 

02/27/18 09:33 AM #28    

Donald Salisbury

I have been unable to find information on the class of 1968 webpage about reserving accommodations for the reunion. I see only that the reunion headquarters is Kahn Hall. Do we need to reserve a room there? If so, how?

02/28/18 05:21 PM #29    

Susan Gardner

The information for reunion registering will be sent out in March, I believe.

Susan Gardner



02/28/18 09:24 PM #30    


Paul Safyan

Yes, everyone, the latest projection is that this registration material will be sent in mid- to late- March.

An email about the pre-reunion ( a couple days in Cleveland for our class only) will be out very soon.

03/01/18 09:43 AM #31    

Steven Katz

Thanks Paul for keeping us posted.

03/01/18 03:18 PM #32    

William Harman



I am not sure this message belongs here, but would welcome guidance on where to repost it. I plan to be driving to the reunion from Pittsburgh. Anyone who would like to hitch a ride (probable maximum of 2 to 3) would be welcome to come with me as well as to return to Pittsburgh. Contact me at 423-667-9360 or at


Bill Harman

06/22/18 08:57 AM #33    

Jeff Schumer

Nice piece on Oberlin and black classical musicians on

06/22/18 05:10 PM #34    


Paul Safyan

Thanks, Jeff.  Yes, very nice pub.

11/19/21 02:47 PM #35    

Tom Thomas ('69)

Hello, this is November 2021.


11/19/21 03:02 PM #36    


Paul Safyan


Can you see this?

12/11/21 02:26 PM #37    

Andrew Eskind

Thanks for the article in Oberlin Review discussing the management transparency and social responsibilty of the endowment.   The additional question I wish to pose is what policy, if any, does the endowment take regarding BDS (boycott, divest, sanction)?

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