How To Post Photos

To add a picture to your Classmate Profile:

  • In the column on the left, scroll down to  MEMBER FUNCTIONS  and click  Edit Profile .
  • A box on the upper right corner of your profile will look like one of these two possibilities. Click it.
  • Now you see your personal Photo Gallery, containing any pictures that you've added in the past. 
  • Click
  • Find the desired new photo in a folder on your computer or phone. Select it (and press Open if necessary). A copy of it will be uploaded to this website.
  • Move your cursor to the new photo and to the pencil icon in its upper right corner. Now you'll see an option to Edit Details. Be sure to add a caption, so folks will know what they're looking at! (Another option is to Adjust the Photo, for example by cropping it.)
  • When you've finished, click the photo so that a green check mark and border appear. Now it's available in your personal Photo Gallery which classmates can discover on the upper right corner of your profile.
  • Also, the new photo will appear in the What's New section with today's date and the notation that "John Doe added a photo to his profile gallery."