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Richard Hallock

Richard Hallock

Richard Hallock

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05/14/18 05:14 PM #1    

Ralph Shapira

Best pool player I ever saw — a prodigy. Playing one handed, he could beat any of us playing with two. Used to hustle townies, accompanied by a friend and bodyguard — a short stocky African American from town. What was that guy’s name???  Never heard anything about him after he left Oberlin. Does anyone know anything?

05/15/18 09:08 AM #2    

John Robinson

Pepe was his name. Rick lived in the next section from us, maybe. He was the one who uttered the Immortal phrase as we were leaving Presti’s: in an intelligence contest between Ralph the cop and an oak tree the SM is on the OT. 

05/15/18 09:53 AM #3    

Steven Katz

Haller and another as talented fellow student pool
shark faced off in a match one most memorable evening in Wilder, and if memory serves lost. Were any of you there? I hadn't learnew yet that evenings were to be spent in the library.

05/16/18 12:29 PM #4    

Bucklin Moon

Hi Ralph,

Rick's bodyguard, when he went around hustling pool at area bars, was a short African-American guy named Pepe, whose shoulders were probably as broad as he was tall. When I passed thru Oberlin in 1990, I went to the bar at the Oberlin Inn, and he was there, a little grayer perhaps, but just as formidable looking.

I have no idea how Rick ended up at Oberlin. Definitely not the right place for him. 

05/23/18 12:11 PM #5    

Susan Scheinman (Leonard)

Rick sat at my dinner table in Dascomb. We were chastized by the Dorm mother for laughing too much. The other diners would be jealous. We all knew Rick hustled pool and worried on those nights when he went out. His father was some big General or something at Fort Ord. 


05/24/18 05:08 PM #6    

Ralph Shapira

Interesting, Susan. I just looked up Hallock’s father, also named Richard Hallock. An Army colonel, he achieved both wealth and notoriety as military advisor to the Shah of Iran by allegedly facilitating weapons procurement both from our government and from his own his own private defense contracting company, INTREC. Our Richard was his oldest of several children. 

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