In Memory

David Carty

David Carty

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01/23/18 08:11 PM #1    

Paul Safyan

Phil Levy contributed this commentary.  What a great memory!


In memorium DAVID CARTY. At the end of August 1969, Dave drove his pick-up truck frrom a commune in Mill Valley (for which Dave paid the rent and the rest of us didn’t mention it), to the Longshoremans Hall on the wharf in SF for what was billed on FM radio as the Hells Angels “Benefit for Gino’s Widow.”  A $3 ticket got one as close to the living Santana as one could adsorb. What a midnighttraffic jam! Three hundred motorcycles and a pick-up truck with several people draped out the windows. Miss you, Dave.

01/25/18 02:38 AM #2    

Gideon Schein

thanks Phil, a lovely memory for a lovely guy.

05/13/18 06:27 PM #3    

Ralph Shapira

 I hung out with David a fair amount during my Berkeley years (1968-75). He was a lovely, gentle man, a great guitar player and a fervent Grateful Dead fan. When the Dead would play Winterland for a five-day stand, David would go to every show, and I would join him and a pack of friends (but only for 1 of 5).  Always a blast. Many’s the night David would play Dead songs in our Berkeley house on Oxford Street for hours while we sang along. I miss those joyful musical nights hanging with David.

He always knew he was doomed by a hereditary lung disease but never let it show.  He became a Scientologist.  I attended his funeral at a Scientology center in Los Angeles along with his brother Denis — also a great guy  — and a packed house of friends and fellow travelers.  I miss his gentle soul and I’m sure many others do too.  He spread much joy and good cheer while he was with us.





05/16/18 12:43 PM #4    

Bucklin Moon

David and I both returned to Oberlin at the same time, in 1970,so we shared a house at the edge of the Athletic Field for a semester. David did as little studying as I did, and always seemed to have a copy of The Rolling Stone, which he read from cover to cover. He was a kind and considerate person, and a good housemate, better than I. He never mentioned living on borrowed time. I met him later in California, when I was traveling around on The Lost Highway, and even attended a New Year's Grateful Dead Concert. I was not impressed, and couldn't get over the fact they were not in tune, or sometimes not in rhythm. But I guess that was not the point. 

I think that concert was another sign that I would never make it as a hippy. 

The semester I lived with David ,three students from Kent State came to speak at Finney Chapel, and the next day students and faculty voted to end the semester, so everybody could work for peace. It was a very strange time on campus, and in the country.

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