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Barry Busse (Bendova)

Barry Busse (Bendova)

Thanks to Richard Isackes for sending the link to this obituary.

What a renaissance person!

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05/29/17 08:40 PM #1    

Shirley Smith (Kirsten)

Very sad news. I always admired Barry's gorgeous, resonant voice, and his animated presence at the Con lounge.. He reminded me bit of John Ostendorf who often made his own eloquent, and flamboyant presence known during our Oberlin years.

05/29/17 09:12 PM #2    

Barry Mallis

Shirley, next to his lilting voice in Hall Auditorium, my own rang out in a starchy brooklynese as we sang our Fugue for Tinhorns to open Gideon's production of Guys and Dolls. I so enjoyed working with him and Frank Spoto, the 3rd in . John, whom you also mention, played the leading man, as I recall. A forever memory.



05/30/17 11:06 AM #3    

Ruth Adler (Rosensweig)


05/30/17 07:28 PM #4    

Amy Rothstein

This is such sad news. His voice was so beautiful. 

06/09/17 11:52 AM #5    

Gideon Schein

Barry was one of my best firends and "colleagues" at Oberlin.  His sumptuous tenor (then baritone) voice was a constant source of amzaement, as was his warm and generous being.  We worked on many pieces together at berlin and on the Capeand his talent and energy were contagious. While maintaiing a decades long friendship, we were never able to connect again proferssionally-my loss.  I will miss Barry, but never forget him.


06/10/17 08:41 AM #6    

Peter Griswold

I enjoyed hearing Barry in various roles at the Cape Cod Gilbert & Sullivan Theater, and also kniew him in different non-musical roles.  We lived in Barrows Hall, and I recall there was a council of section presidents that met with Miss Morton.  Barry was elected chair or president or whatever the title was, of that council - an early sign of his leadership qualities.  In sophomore year, Barry was the dishwasher to Harkness, and when the headwaiter was removed by Saga Joe, Barry was made headwaiter and service immedidately improved.  I was the cook's help and Barry and I would meet Saturday afternoons to grill the steaks that were the traditional Saturday evening fare.  Other classmates who were in the crew included one of the two potboys, Kirt Thornton, who kept kept me laughing with his needling of the other potboy, Larry Guy.  Nancy Amodeo and Joan Andelman were waitresses.  It seems sort of amazing that we had sit-down meals for both lunch and dinner through sophomore year.  . 

06/10/17 10:38 PM #7    

Lynn Zeiser (Elliott)

I can hear in my memory's ear my voice blending with Barry's in the kitchen at Harkness.  I was one of the waitresses when he was the dishwasher loading the Hobart.  When I shoved open the door with my shoe, carrying a full tray of dirty dishes to unload on the stainless counter he worked behind, he would sing out "Hey" and I would chime in with "You've got to hide your love away!"  He'd continue with the verse ("Here I stand, heart in hand..."), we'd belt out another chorus together, and then out the door again with my tray to pick up more dishes.   Makes me smile even now.

06/11/17 05:58 PM #8    

Paul Safyan


As I said to Peter Griswold last night, Saga memories, musical and otherwise, could be an entire forum on this site.  Thanks and "Splish, Splash."

06/12/17 07:42 AM #9    

Chuck Cole

Remembering Barry, Liz and I spent a few days on Cape Cod celebrating her 70th birthday and talked about Oberlin's summer G&S troupe that rehearsed and performed on the Cape when we were students.  Does anyone know if that activity still happens?

06/12/17 10:37 AM #10    

Richard Isackes


Barry and I were very good friends both in Oberlin and later when we worked together both at the Oberlin College G&S Company on Cape Cod and at several other opera companies around the country.  My first wife, Pamela Mann ( class of 69), and I used to visit with Barry and his wife Jane Warsaw when we all lived in New York. I remember one memorable evening on the cape when about ten of us crowed into his room, turned out the lights, and listened to Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band for the very first time--a transformational moment in time 

 Barry and my wife Alisa Gabriel (class of 72)kept  up a correspondence for many years including my last correspondence with him several weeks before he passed.  I can assure everyone that he retained his wicked sense of humor to the end. 

As for Oberlin College G&S, Oberlin left in 69 and Bob Haslun, Donald Tull and Terry Tobias (all Oberlin grads) took over and created The College Light Opera Company that not only survives to this day but has grown into one of the most successful summer stock companies in the country. 

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