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Welcome to the Class of 1968 Home Page


NOTE: Important Schedule Change

The Hootenanny (actually, a 1960's all-genre sing-a-long) has become a Town-Gown Fundraiser.  It will move to the basement of First Church (106 N. Main St.) on Sunday, May 27th at 8:00 pm.

The Sing-a-Long is open to Oberlin residents and to members of the College Community.  It will benefit the Oberlin Minister's Sanctuary City Fund and the Class of 1968 Racial Justice Scholarship Fund.

PLEASE BRING  a  cash, free-will offering and your own copies of iRse Up Singing and Rise Again songbooks if you have them.  A limited number will be available at the Reunion.


The Class of 1968 Talent Show will still take place in the Kulas Recital Hall in the Conservatory at 8:00 pm on Saturday, May 26th.  Refreshments will be served.



Welcome to Our Class of 1968 Website


Previously at our Reunion










 When you arrive in Oberlin, please make the Ward Alumni Center your first stop. The Ward Alumni Relations Office is located at 65 East College Street, Room #4.  This is where you will pick up your weekends packets.  The packets will contain tickets for meals, performances, housing assignments and dorm keys, weekend schedule, nametags, etc. After you have picked up your packets at Ward Alumni Center, you may proceed to Kahn Hall. You will receive your rooming and roommate assignment in your registration packet, too.

On the campus map below, parking for us visitors is indicated in gold.  Kahn Hall is the building that is just below and to the left of the "blurry" Science Library Science Center key.  It's in the right/center of the picture.  You can find a more readable version of this map at

 Kahn Hall is # 40 on that image.



We  have several more people registered this week.

Hoping for even more last minute deciders as we approach the MAY 18 MIDNIGHT deadline!

We'd like to encourage everyone to be open to a new encounter with Oberlin and its people and to celebrate the many turns our lives have taken.  Please invite your friends, current or long-lost, to join us.

Names with asterisks (*) below have registered as of May 7, 2018, 2018.

Alan Abramson

John (Jack) Sarah, and JosephAiley *

Jeff and Nancy Altieri *


Joan Andelman *

Rick Apling *

Nancy Amodeo Austin *

Bob and Ruth Baker *

Todd Barkan *

Don Barr *

John and Vanya Barrer (’20) *


Mary Helen Binger *

Susan Gottscalk Blake *

Susan Manning and Don Blanchard *

Peter Blood and Annie Patterson *

Glenn Blume *


Geoffrey Bock *

William (Bill) and Saundra Bohl *

Louis Bookheim *


Norman and Bettye Brentley *

Geraldine Kearse Brookins *

Catherine Brown*


Gerry and Ettie Huo (’67) Butters *

Dwight Call *

Kathy Roberts Careddu *


Doug Carr and Deidre Schupak Carr (’69)*

Constance Powell Chin *

Edna Chun *

Steven and Patricia Clarfield*

Donna Miller Cleverdon *

Chuck and Liz Ryan Cole *

Lloyd and Judith Kramer Comstock *

Marilyn (Lynn) Comstock *

Carol Brewer Corwin *


H. Reed Cosper *

Duane Dale and Heidi Frantz-Dale *

Warren and Marsha Quesenberry Darcy *


Marilyn McCarthy Dawson

Bryant Dennison *

Nancy Derr *

Cathy Dittemore *

Tom Drake and Leslie Waters *

Frank Duhl and Linda Sudak *

James and Diane Ellenson*

Steve and Emily (Emy) Ettling Elliott*

Lynn Zeiser Elliott *


Elizabeth (Beth) Sherman Elvy *

Kathy Hagg Fein *

William (Bill) Finger *

S. Ann Lauritsen and Keith (’67) Fischer *

John Forsyth *

David Foster *

Walter (Walt) Galloway (’69)*


Susan Gardner and Phil Scott *

Mary Johnson Gartner *

Susan Gere and James Leone *

Theodore (Ted) Gest *

Laura Gisolfi Gilbert *

Lynn Oakes and William Glikbarg *

Shirley Wison Gilpin *

Sue Ann Glaser *

Patrice Tarnoff Goodkind and Steve Turpin*

Maya Shook and Sara Goodkind *

Paula Gordon *

Frances Hagberg Graham *

Peter Griswold *

Jean Pearman and David Gross *

Barbara Stergis Hammerle and Carley Hammerle *

Chris Lord Hansen *

Judith Olsen Harker *

Lois Harris and Deborah Crespin*

William (Bill) Harmon and Dr. Lillian Lashley *

Joel Hastings

Laird Hastay *

Robert (Bob) Heavenrich *

John Heckenlively *

Marcia (Marcie)Heiser *

Nancy Banfill and Steven Helterman *

John Henretta *

Dagny Karkalits Henry *

Roland and Lynn Anthony (’69) Higgins *

Deon Tanner Hilger *

James (Jim) Hilton *

Bridgie Barry-Hogelund *

Lynn Davies Holbein *

Jean Watkins and Doug Holley (’66)*

Andra Hotchkiss and Gerry and Anna Marsischky *

Cheryl Kaneko Ikemiya *

Tom and Christine Ilgen *


Vivian Hopkins and Wilbur Jackson *

Myra Kiehle and Lincoln Janus *

Michael (Mike)Jarvis (’69) *

Tom and Betsy Jennings *

Paul Johnson *

Dennis and Kathryn Gantzert Karsh *

Steve Katz and Ileana Soto *


Stephanie Kaza *

Laura Powell and Peter Kemper (’66) *

Jane Kenworthy

Chris and Liz Jaffer Keys *

Judith (Judy) Klavans *

Richard (Dick) and Sherry Klausner *

Jeff Koepke

William (Bill) Kramer and Judy Duffield *

Kenneth (Ken) Krohn *


Donna Null LaMarre *

Alan and Joan Griffin Lamborn *

Katherine (Kit) and Daniel Frohardt-Lane *

Victor Larsen *

Peter Lehman *

Sue Scheinman Leonard *

Dan and Cherie Lesnick *

Aaron Levin *

Jeff and Anita Liebman *

John and Nell Snavely Lurain *

Susan Strasser Mackinnon *

Barry Mallis and Melanie Vuicich Mallis *

Susan Mandiberg *

Bernie Mayer and Julie McFarlane *

William (Bill) McClintock *

Edward and Pamela Mckelvey *

MaryJean McKelvy *

Dan and Laura Garcia de Miller *

M. Susan Miller *

Deborah Enyeart and Charles Minifie *

Edward (Ted) Morgan *


Steve Mossbrook *

Elizabeth (Betsy) Muenger *

Richard (Rich) Naidus *

Linda Montie and Gerry Norton *

Stephanie Lee Ostmann *

Susan Elizabeth Reese Painter *

Cheri Papier *

Bob Paker *

Sue Faden Pearlman *

David Pengilly *

Priscilla Fritter-Peterson  and John Peterson *


Valerie Scranton and John Poggi *

Meredith Poole *


Jean Eisenberg and Robert Poppei *

Priscilla Harmon and Steve Putnam *

Greg Pyke and Alan Pyke (’08) *

J. Scott and Suzanne Richards *

Carolyn Rieth *

Alan Rappaport *


Jessica Rosenberg *

Bruce Ross and Eileen Gallo *

Amy Shub Rothstein *

Charles Roxin

Paul and Linda Safyan *

Don Salisbury *

Gideon Schein *

Scott and Corinne Schillin *

Mark and Anna Maria Rivera de Schomer *

Thomas (Tom) Schultz *

Chris Seiberling *

Ralph Shapira and Lynn Deegan *

Amy Thomas Singer

Christopher (Cris) Smith *

Kim Solez

Betty Ferguson and Bob Soppelsa *

Gregory (Greg) Stanton *

Virginia (Ginny) Stearns *

James Still *

George (Bob) Stone *

Andrea Gavlik Swan *

Kay Davis Talwar

William Thomas and Laura Berg*

Marianna Maier and William Thomas *

Thomas Thornton and Katherine Rybak *

Stephen Wagner *

Laurel Schlicting and John Watkins *

Danette DiBiasio Wineberg

Ann Wion *

Bob and Janet Chevalley Wolfe *

Steven Woodbury

Susan Young *

Herb Ziegler *

Richard Zitrin *



Here are people who have said that they will not be able to attend.  We will miss them.


Patricia Duran Bell

Jan Sandberg Buehler

Carol Bundy

Brock Downward

Steve Dyer

Freda Eberle

Richard Farner

Sheryl Greenbaum Genco

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson


Robert Haynes

Patricia Heidel


Carol Kaimowitz

Mieko Kamii

Shirley Smith Kirsten

Jeff Koepke

Roger Kropf

Meredith Kusch

Marilyn Dawson McCarthy

Kent McClelland

Carolyn Nagusky


Irene Peters

John Rathbun

Eve Roshevsky


Ruth Adler Rosensweig

Bill Schindler

Leon Simson

Michael Smith


Kirtley Thornton

Tom Ukena


Carol Flannery Wade

Deborah Huntington Ward and Andy Ward

Kermit Westerberg

Gail Montgomery Wiseman and Greg Wisman

Jody Wise

Carolyn Spahnholz Wolfe



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1)   Will you be coming to our 50th Class Reunion?

Yes No


Our classmate, Baltimore-based journalist AARON LEVIN, is creating an oral history for our class.  Class members and  their friends can speak on subjects of their choosing during the reunion weekend.

We will make one of the music practice rooms in Kahn Hall available for this purpose.  It is strictly voluntary for individuals, couples, friends, section mates, roommates, sports buddies and other small groups.

This will augment a set of  reflections from some reunion committee members captured on video by Paula Gordon over the last year.

To get a head start on this program, Aaron will be contacting people in the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia-DC area.  If you'd like to participate, he could visit in your home or a mutually agreeable spot for interviews sessions.  Our stories are worth telling.