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You have probably all seen the letter sent by Oberlin's Chief Counsel regarding the results of a suit brought by Gibson's Bakery against the College and its Dean of Students.  National news services and other media have picked up on the results of the first phase of the trial. All of the news reports are generally unfavorable to Oberlin.

Almost daily reports on the proceedings appeared in the Elyria Chronical-Telegram Newspaper during May and early June..  That will give you some sense of what was presented at trial, but, the matter is complex.

Members of the 50th Reunion Committee have been involved in a discussion about these events, following their lengthy discussion of Oberlin's Title IX policies and procedures and sending a letter of concern to President Ambar..

You may want to engage them and others in a discussion of the Gibsons situation in a forum under the Class Chats tab.

Here is today's article from the Elyria Chronical-Telegram. (6/13/19)



Bob Baker has responded to the letter sent by your reunion committee to President Ambar and the Deans of the College regarding Oberlin's sexual misconduct policy.

You can find his thoughtful comments under Class Chats:  Activities after the Reunion / Title IX Issues at Oberlin.  

If many people respond, i will break this topic out further.

Bob's comment about Frances Hagberg Graham is duly noted.  Frankie was not one of the primary signers; her name appears along with committtee members in a footnote to the letter.

Thanks again to Bob.



Please Note:

Links in the article pictured below are not active from this page.

The link to the articles referenced is:


Since most of the chatter on the site recently has been about the financial state of the College, I'm going to try to  improve the structure by asking you to post on that topic here instead.  Let's see if that helps the flow.

You will notice that you can Reply to Others or start a new topic.

You can choose whether you receive all updates or not.

Pictures and documents can be posted here, too

  • Click on Class Chats on the Left Navigation Column
  • Click on the Link Oberlin Finance New Topic on that screen
  • Read, Reply, or Start a New Topic (Thread)




HI, Everyone:

Thanks to Aaron Levin, we now have a recording of the Class Memorial Service, held during the Reunion. Effectively edited, it is about 26 minutes long.  You can listen to it by clicking below. Whatever software you use for listening to audio should start up when you click the link.


Click Here to listen to a recording of the Class of 1968 Memorial Service in Clonick Hall

 If for some reason that doesn't work for you, let me know.  I can email a file that is small enough for most emails to handle.