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•   Lynne Oakes (Glikbarg)  9/18
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•   Carol Flannery (Wade)  9/23
•   Kent McClelland  9/23
•   John Piraino  9/23
•   Ralph Shapira  9/24
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•   Joan Lamborn (Griffin)  9/25
•   Lois Harris  9/29
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Members of the Classes of 1967 and 1969 are joining this site in order to have a single site for discussion of concerns around the Gibson's lawsuit.

Since our classes will all rejoin  for the next cluster reunion, this anticipates that.  We hope to be able to combine the current Class of 1968 and 1969 sites and make it a central portal for all three classes, once we solve  some technical issues.  Class members from '68 and '69 may also chime in on whether that's a good move before we do so.

Paul Safyan


The Class Officers of the Classes of 1967, 1968, and 1969 express ourselves below in a way that we hope is constructive to the Oberlin Community and the College/Conservatory.

“A Time to Heal”  A joint letter from your Class Officers – class of 1967, 1968 and 1969

Dear Oberlin Classmates;

Two icons of our experience living in Oberlin are Oberlin College and Gibson’s Bakery.   Remember Gibson’s legendary “sticky buns?”  They still make them!   Who of us didn’t shop at Gibson’s for snacks and candy to get through a long night of studying for an exam?

 It is heartbreaking to hear and to read about the history of “Gibson’s Bakery Against Oberlin College.”  The fact is, as Steven Volk, Professor Emeritus of History at Oberlin has stated “it is an inescapable truth that the College and Gibson’s are co-dependent.”

It is time to heal. The jury’s decision in the “Gibson’s Suit” will not heal our differences.  To the contrary, it makes it much harder for the College and the Gibsons to resolve the issue and to move forward. 

As class officers we want to do our part to help us all reconcile our differences and to return to our common purposes.  Each of us has been contacted by many of you seeking more information and wondering how you can help.  We offer some options.

  1. We have compiled a list of references and resources listed on the next page of this letter if you want to find out what happened and to learn more about the legal issues and actions.
  1. This letter is being posted on the Class of 1968 and the Class of 1969’s website.  We encourage members of all three classes to join the Class of 1968 site by emailing Paul Safyan at  He will set you up so that we may discuss ways of healing Or  ask each other questions.  
  1. In her recent Phonecast re: Gibson v. Oberlin to alumni on June 27th President Ambar had the following advice when asked by an alumna– “What can we as alumni do?  President Ambar stated that college alumnae are the best “ambassadors” of public relations the college has. She encouraged us to talk about how much Oberlin College meant to us in our lives and to focus on its positive contributions as we go forward.

It is also a time to remember that any situation like this, though it is difficult to live through, it is an opportunity to grow.


Lee A. Drickamer, President of the Class of 1967,

Gael Treesiwin, President of the Class of 1969,

Matthew Rinaldi, Vice President of the Class of 1969,

Paul Safyan, President of the Class of 1968,



Please copy and past the short URL below into a browser to see the list of references.


The One Oberlin Report:

President Ambar and other Oberlin Faculty have planned a speaking tour to inform alumni about this report and the progress towards implementation.

The Report WAS adopted by the General Faculty by a nearly unanimous vote in May.

Links within the article pictured below are not active from this page.

The link to the articles referenced is:



Since most of the chatter on the site recently has been about the financial state of the College, I'm going to try to  improve the structure by asking you to post on that topic here instead.  Let's see if that helps the flow.

You will notice that you can Reply to Others or start a new topic.

You can choose whether you receive all updates or not.

Pictures and documents can be posted here, too

  • Click on Class Chats on the Left Navigation Column
  • Click on the Link Oberlin Finance New Topic on that screen
  • Read, Reply, or Start a New Topic (Thread)




HI, Everyone:

Thanks to Aaron Levin, we now have a recording of the Class Memorial Service, held during the Reunion. Effectively edited, it is about 26 minutes long.  You can listen to it by clicking below. Whatever software you use for listening to audio should start up when you click the link.


Click Here to listen to a recording of the Class of 1968 Memorial Service in Clonick Hall

 If for some reason that doesn't work for you, let me know.  I can email a file that is small enough for most emails to handle.