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Louise Alfini

Thanks to Andy Ward for this notice.


In his loving memorial to Carl Sohn, Ralph Shapiro recalled their mutual admiration for Louise Alfini. I knew her only slightly, as a fellow singer in the Oberlin College Choir. One of our numbers freshman year was a lovesick sigh in the form of an Italian madrigal addressed to a girl with a face as luminous as the moon and eyes like a doe, and begging her to look our way, if only for an instant. I know at least four basses who defied Robert Fountain’s admonition never to take our eyes off him by turning and singing this madrigal directly to Louise, who seemed deserving of all that longing. She had what the Italians called the Gaze of Venus, in that her eyes were slightly askew, which made her all the more beautiful. I always wondered what it was like to be such a knockout that only young men as self possessed as Ralph and Carl would dare approach her, while the rest of us stammered in scuffling semi paralysis. But from the couple of times I walked across the campus with her to choir practice I sensed that there was nothing misleading about her radiance, and I was sorry to learn that she had passed away four years ago.

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